About TC2

About TC2

TC2 is the leading consultancy dedicated to helping its clients maximize the return on their investment in telecommunications services and network infrastructure by providing a full range of strategic sourcing, benchmarking, optimization and technology consulting. 

TC2’s primary focus is telecommunications and network services, and we are highly respected in the industry by both our clients and the service providers.

We begin by establishing target prices for each client's carrier negotiations based on day-to-day experience with the true market for all key telecom services – price points that are deliberately obscured and hidden by the large telephone companies' list pricing tactics. We then manage the proposal process and price negotiations, enhanced by an affiliation with Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby, LLP ("LB3"), the nation's preeminent law firm representing corporate telecommunications users.

And we provide laser-like focus on the new contract and technical considerations raised by transitions to key technologies and end-user behaviors, including global MPLS procurements, converged networks, burgeoning smartphone usage, and the full continuum of managed equipment deals for voice, data and converged network products.

Regardless of the technology involved, TC2 positions each client's deal for permanent, ongoing leverage as unit costs and price points decline, new and better technologies emerge, carrier strategies shift, and telecom industry upheaval changes the service options available nationally and globally.