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TC2 Success Stories

If you want to get a feel for what TC2 can do for your company, a list of services can only tell part of the story. Below we chronicle how some of the largest companies in the world have realized substantial ongoing savings, improved negotiation leverage, and market leading deals through their continuing relationships with TC2. 

One engagement grew from a simple benchmarking exercise to management of a $180+ Million global networking outsourcing contract—with 8-figure annual savings for our client. A Global Fortune 50 client relies on TC2 to support its $1 Billion global networking contract through projects ranging from annual rate reviews to complex ongoing negotiations.  Yet another enjoys recurring 25% annual cost savings in transport and managed services thanks to a TC2-supported RFP and related negotiations. 

Read more about these and other TC2 success stories below to see how we help companies maximize the return on their investment in telecommunications and related IT services.

Fortune 100 Global Financial Services Company

TC2 has been providing Lifecycle Services support to this client since 2012. The multimillion-dollar benefits realized by the client from TC2’s Lifecycle Services average more than 10 times the Lifecycle Services fees. In addition to the financial benefits, the Lifecycle Services provide the client with continuous access to market analysis, strategy guidance, and technology expertise.

The Lifecycle Services have spanned a broad range of initiatives and projects in the US and globally. These include:

  • Renegotiating the client’s major domestic and global contracts when they come up for renewal
  • Running in-country and regional procurements in Asia and Europe
  • Ongoing benchmarking of a full spectrum of global telecom and related IT services to support the client’s day-to-day negotiations with vendors
  • General support for vendor negotiations and procurement activities

The TC2 team also proactively identifies vendor billing issues and opportunities to optimize the client’s services. It then works directly with the vendors to address the issues and optimization items on an ongoing basis.

The client is extremely happy with the services and value delivered by TC2’s Lifecycle Services. As a result, TC2’s Lifecycle Services arrangement has been renewed every year since its inception.

Consultants Ben Fox | Julie Gardner | Dorothy Hildebrandt

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Global Consumer Products Provider

TC2 provides a range of support to this UK headquartered global conglomerate, particularly in connection with its global managed network and outsourcing contract with an annual spend in excess of $180 million.  TC2 was initially engaged to provide benchmarking and negotiation services in support of the client’s ad hoc negotiations for new telecommunication and IT services and service upgrades.  Over the first few months of TC2’s engagement, the return of investment on TC2’s services rapidly exceeded ten times TC2’s fees. 

Separately, TC2 undertook to benchmark and negotiate a fully immersive video services contract with a different supplier, and in the process secured a 15% price reduction.

In the wake of these successes TC2 was asked to provide strategic input to the client’s relationship with its outsourcing provider, and to develop a strategy to improve the relationship and address a number of key pain points.  TC2’s strategy focused on increasing the general level of competitive pressure on the outsourcing supplier by initiating competitive RFP initiatives in parallel with ongoing discussions to extend the outsourcing agreement.  The strategy was successful, yielding improved negotiation leverage over the supplier and ultimately an extension of the outsourcing contract with 8-figure annual savings.

Consultants Ben Fox | Mark Sheard
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Fortune 100 Defense and Manufacturing Conglomerate

TC2 has worked with this client for many years, functioning as its strategic advisor on all aspects of global telecom and network outsourcing services.  We were initially engaged to support this multinational corporation as it strove to reduce transport (including legacy voice and MPLS data network services) and managed services costs while simultaneously increasing bandwidth and enhancing global service levels.  TC2 managed a competitive global RFP process, resulting in selection of two primary global suppliers with superior technical qualifications, highly competitive financial terms, and greatly enhanced client flexibility.  The results of the project included savings of nearly $95 million over 5 years (for transport and managed services) and new integrated master agreements that comprehensively addressed all key transport and managed services.

TC2’s relationship with this client has since broadened and deepened to include multiple wireless RFPs in the US, Canada, Latin America and EMEA, in-term rate review assessments and negotiations, and procuring/ negotiating a variety of managed services in support of the client’s global deployment of Microsoft Lync.

Consultants Patricia Gilpatrick | David Lee
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Global Hospitality Chain

TC2 has assisted this client for a decade, during which we have completed numerous individual projects and negotiations both in the US and overseas.

In 2013, we conducted a global network RFP encompassing over 4,400 sites that included managed MPLS WAN services and Internet services in over 50 countries, plus all WAN and long distance voice services in the USA.  We were responsible for developing the transport and managed services RFP document and the supporting cost models, evaluating 14 bidder responses, and leading the negotiations with the bidders in order to secure best in class offers.  TC2 then partnered with LB3 for the final negotiations to select the winning suppliers.  The project delivered market leading pricing, significant cost reductions and improved commercial terms in addition to technical and operational enhancements.

Consultants Keith Cook
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Fortune 50 Global Pharmaceutical Company

TC2 has assisted this client in a variety of strategic telecom projects since 2003.  Our work has delivered many millions in cost savings, as well as improved service levels and market leading contract terms.  As with virtually all of our work, fees have consistently been a small fraction of the savings delivered.

One of the critical projects that TC2 has supported for this client was a global sourcing project that included US and European voice transport services, global data transport services, managed LAN, WAN and telephony services and US wireless services, collectively accounting for approximately $100m in annual spend.  We worked with the client from the earliest stages of the project, developing an initial sourcing strategy based on a review and analysis of their current expenditures and a sourcing model for telecom services.  TC2 then prepared and issued multiple RFP documents and led the evaluation of supplier responses/bids to provide services.  Finally, TC2 (in partnership with its affiliate LB3) led the contract negotiations, drafting and negotiating the contract documents to memorialize the deal.  The project delivered savings in excess of $20 Million annually, a cutting edge integrated network outsourcing contract covering wireline and wireless transport services, WAN, LAN and telephony management, and equipment procurement.  The RFP process was completed and the contract documents negotiated within highly aggressive timeframes.

TC2 has also been involved in multiple other projects for this client, including running contractual benchmarking / competitive rate review processes, wireless procurements and negotiations in the US, EMEA, APAC and LATAM, supporting an audio and web conferencing RFP, and comprehensive billing reviews.

Consultants Ben Fox | Theresa Knutson
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Privately Held Global Conglomerate

One of the largest private companies in the world -- with over 600 locations in 40+ countries -- has engaged TC2 to perform multiple projects over the past nine years.  Most recently, TC2 was responsible for a global managed WAN services RFP and contract negotiation, including the competitive sourcing of managed MPLS services, associated routers and other equipment, and customized managed services to support the network.  The new global managed services contract delivered increased network capacity and facilitated the consolidation of a number of regional networks across the globe.

Consultants Keith Cook | David Lee
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Global Fortune 50 Manufacturing Company

For over a decade TC2 has been a strategic partner to this Fortune 50 global manufacturing company on a variety of telecom RFPs, sourcing, negotiation and cost reduction initiatives.  Projects have included global wireless procurements, contract compliance work, rate reviews and contract extension negotiations.  One key focus of TC2’s work has involved the client’s global network outsourcing contract.  TC2 has supported multiple iterations of this contract, including annual rate reviews and multiple negotiations to extend and expand the agreement’s scope.  For one complex contract extension, TC2 worked hand-in-hand with the client to negotiate a new and revised five-year global networking contract valued at almost $1 billion.  The deal, one of the largest commercial contracts ever signed by the selected tier-one service provider, included global MPLS, IP Telephony local, long distance, voice mail, conferencing, high-speed Internet access, managed and outsourced network services, and business continuity services.  The deal also covered network integration management for all aspects of the client’s global telecom infrastructure, including voice and data applications, station services, systems support, and managing the performance of regional carriers around the world.  TC2’s role in the project included developing a global sourcing strategy, building a demand set, developing and managing a total cost of ownership model, supplier negotiations, contract negotiations, and supporting implementation of the framework agreement.  More recently, TC2 supported this client in a further extension of the outsourcing contract, and in addition to supporting pricing negotiations, led the development and negotiation of new service level agreements and statement of work contract documents for the outsourcing services.

Consultants Ben Fox | Tony Mangino
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Global Provider of Printing and Imaging Products

TC2 has been supporting this provider of printing and imaging products, process and content management software for the past 5 years.  Engagements have included mid-term rate review negotiations and comprehensive competitive procurements for both enterprise transport and network managed service outsourcing requirements.  Most recently, TC2 completed an RFP for core transport services including MPLS and IP Telephony in conjunction with a full network managed service outsourcing, including LAN and WAN infrastructure support and multiple outsourced FTE resources around the world.  TC2 was responsible for developing the transport and managed services RFP document and supporting financial models, evaluating supplier responses, leading the negotiations with the bidders to generate best in class offers, and contract negotiations with the winning bidder (including the negotiation of custom service levels and managed service statements of work).  The project resulted in significant improvements in the client’s global operating environment with a rationalized supplier mix, robust and enforceable SLAs and a market leading flexible deal structure, all while delivering over 25% in annualized cost reductions across transport and managed services.

Consultants Larry York | Tony Mangino
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Fortune 150 US Retailer

TC2 has been supporting this US national retail company, with over 1,000 department stores across the US, for over thirteen years.  We provide support across all of the client’s telecom and network services, including its network outsourcing agreement.  In the last two years TC2 has led projects to source SIP Trunking services, renegotiate wireless agreements, extend local services contracts and, most significantly, conduct a comprehensive RFP process encompassing the client’s entire national MPLS WAN and the associated outsourcing services.  TC2 was responsible for developing the managed services RFP, evaluating supplier responses, leading the negotiations with the bidders to obtain best in class offers, and managing negotiations with the winning bidder (including leading the negotiation of custom service levels and managed service SOW documents).  The RFP process yielded contracts to migrate the client’s legacy network to MPLS services with improved pricing, terms and service levels, all at substantial cost savings.

Consultants Keith Cook
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Contract Compliance & Optimization

  • Fortune 100 Global Chemical company – over $2,000,000 (billing errors) 
  • Fortune 100 US Retail Chain - over $800,000 (billing errors)
  • Fortune 100 Global Manufacturing company – $3,800,000 (billing errors)  
  • Fortune 100 Global Pharmaceutical company – $1,700,000 (billing errors and service optimizations)
  • Fortune 100 Aerospace & Defence company – $600,000 (billing errors) 
  • Fortune 500 US Transport company – over $1,200,000 (wireless and wireline billing errors)  
  • Fortune 100 Global Technology Company – $1,500,000 (billing errors)
  • Fortune 500 Global Payments and Transaction Company – over $2,500,000 (billing errors and service optimizations)
  • Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical company – $200,000 (billing errors and service optimization)

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