When you partner with TC2, you’ll sense how having people who know the industry inside out – but are exclusively focused on your needs and results – creates an optimum environment for telecom procurement.

Why carriers like working with us …

  • We listen, critically but constructively.  We don’t waste time being unreasonable or demanding terms that the carriers really can’t give
  • We know how to close deals and coach carriers to make their offers more competitive
  • We understand the regulatory limitations on certain services (e.g, intrastate, local) and know the best ways for customers to purchase them
  • We work on a daily basis with the Tier 1 providers and the account teams/negotiators that support their largest accounts.
  • Carrier sales teams meet with us to promote new services and identify ways they can be more responsive to their customers (our clients).

… and why they don’t

  • We know their contracts and web-based service guides as well as their own sales and negotiation teams
  • We know their tricks and strategies, and how far they can and will go
  • We encourage our clients to conduct competitive procurements, migrate traffic when that makes sense, and focus relentlessly on achievable savings
  • We do not rely on carriers for business or revenue.  We have no conflicts of interest and there is no confusion about who we represent