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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Clearwire, Sprint, and the limitations of the ‘home run’ strategy

Posted on by David Rohde

Can mobile wireless technologies be so fast that they compete effectively with fixed, wired broadband? That’s part of the premise of WiMax, the technology employed by Clearwire, which has had a longstanding affiliation with Sprint and is now 51% owned … Continue reading

Buyer, meet seller: Price match eludes Qwest in LD sale attempt

Posted on by David Rohde

Like a house that sits on the market because the seller’s expectations exceed buyers’ willingness to pay, the Qwest long distance business has come off the sale block due to the lack of a price match. Qwest announced yesterday that … Continue reading

Don’t let currency risk problems be an international deal-killer

Posted on by David Rohde

As I write this, it takes $1.43 to buy 1 Euro, or put another way, the dollar is worth 0.69 euros. So tell me: Will the value of the dollar strengthen later this year, or weaken further? That’s okay, I … Continue reading