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Monthly Archives: November 2009

The war of the maps and end-user preferences

Posted on by David Rohde

The next time you go out to bid for anything, I hope you can stir up a fight between AT&T and Verizon that’s as good as the one they’re having on television and in federal court right now. Verizon is … Continue reading

Evaluating the true and enduring impact of carrier cost cuts

Posted on by David Rohde

Cutting costs is the name of the game in a tough economy, and many corporate telecom managers are dealing with cost cuts in two distinct senses. Some U.S. and overseas carriers have continued to announce layoffs and other cost-reduction measures … Continue reading

The tax trap looming inside your employees’ corporate-liable cell phones

Posted on by Kevin DiLallo

The following is a guest post by LB3 partner Kevin DiLallo, whose practice includes a specialty in the negotiation of enterprise wireless service contracts. As if the high level of taxes and surcharge-generating “mandates” on wireless plans weren’t enough, enterprises … Continue reading

Carrier complacency vs. carrier fear: The SIP trunking example

Posted on by David Rohde

I’m in San Francisco for the fall version of the VoiceCon conference, which I regularly attend and speak at. Over the past two years, one topic in particular has ballooned in interest at the spring and fall VoiceCon meetings: SIP … Continue reading

USF on MPLS: Protecting against both future and retroactive applicability

Posted on by David Rohde

The issue of universal service surcharges on MPLS services seems to be in a holding mode. The major carriers don’t appear to have made the decision to generally pass along to customers the current 12.3% contribution factor (for the fourth … Continue reading