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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Nortel support issues are front and center for Avaya

Posted on by David Rohde

Most corporate telecom managers have a pretty big to-do list for 2010. For many of you, that list includes deciding what to do about your Nortel voice equipment, and when to do it. Last Friday, Avaya closed its $900 million … Continue reading

Something’s gotta give: Universal service and the 14.1% surcharge

Posted on by David Rohde

The word is out, and if you’re hearing it here for the first time, I apologize: The federal universal service surcharge for the first quarter of 2010 will be 14.1% of applicable interstate (including access) and international charges. Man oh … Continue reading

How standard is standard? SIP Trunking and the interoperability question

Posted on by David Rohde

When you go to install a new wide-area network technology that involves the interaction of carrier trunks with your premises equipment, do you: a) trust statements of compliance by all parties with the technology’s open standards; b) look to the … Continue reading