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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Sprint and Clearwire’s 4G WiMax strategy needs clarity to sustain an advantage

Posted on by David Rohde

Strategic certainty is a big deal for enterprises when they choose vendors to supply network services on multiyear contracts. Everyone else loves to place bets on vendors’ shifting partnership arrangements, complex financing moves, and technology upheavals. But corporate telecom managers … Continue reading

A fine book of business: AT&T and Verizon’s service mix pays dividends

Posted on by David Rohde

Is telecom the worst business in the world, or the best? For every intractable problem the big carriers have developed over the past decade, you can now name an opposite phenomenon where the same carriers are golden. I mean, consider … Continue reading

Apple’s antenna issue and the soaring wireless demands on enterprises

Posted on by David Rohde

So Steve Jobs had to go before a big press conference and defend the iPhone 4 against accusations that its antenna design uniquely runs the risk of blocking reception. Ha! Apple’s problem is quite the relief for enterprise telecom managers! … Continue reading

SIP trunking’s growth is perking up Wall Street

Posted on by David Rohde

I recently received a Wall Street analyst note that read for all the world like it was 1999, not 2010. The analyst at JP Morgan was assuming coverage on an alternative local carrier and assigning it an “overweight rating” (translation: … Continue reading