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Monthly Archives: November 2011

SIP Trunking is about competing all your voice business, not converging onto an existing data carrier

Posted on by David Rohde

The nation’s biggest carriers – okay, AT&T more than Verizon – have been following a distinct pattern when it comes to SIP Trunking. In the first phase, the carrier heartily endorses the new service in public but can’t believe that … Continue reading

AT&T will need to put a genie back in the bottle to salvage T-Mobile deal

Posted on by David Rohde

Any glance at the business news over the Thanksgiving weekend would give you the idea that the AT&T/T-Mobile merger is dead. Once the FCC scheduled a type of trial-like hearing on the merger that forces a new, months-long review of … Continue reading

AT&T merger logic sinks under the weight of FCC skepticism

Posted on by David Rohde

I don’t know if the FCC’s move yesterday to derail the AT&T/T-Mobile merger spells the end of the troubled deal. I do know it should be the end of AT&T’s tiresome claim that the merger will “create” 96,000 jobs. At … Continue reading

What’s good for the enterprise is good for Level 3

Posted on by David Rohde

With “duopoly” replacing “Big 3” as the usual way of describing the first tier of enterprise wireline carriers, you’d think it would be easier for a new carrier to break into the top tier. Surely enterprises are hungry for an … Continue reading