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Sprint: Network step-up will happen, but not too soon to kill us

Posted on by David Rohde

You’ll be glad to know that Sprint has a new network-upgrade plan called the “Sprint Next-Generation Network.” It will “massively densify” Sprint’s national wireless footprint. Now tell me what you’re going to do with this information in your current wireless procurement. … Continue reading

Level 3 profits – yes, profits – must be matched by consistent enterprise bids

Posted on by David Rohde

Rub your eyes in disbelief, and then come back to this post and re-read the following First Quarter 2015 results of Level 3, once the financial basket case of the telecom industry: It made a no-baloney, no-asterisks net profit of $122 million. … Continue reading

Consumer broadband and the enterprise market: It’s all a matter of focus

Posted on by David Rohde

About a year and a half ago, I noted a newly arising double-edged sword for enterprises, particularly those with very granular networks like retail locations. The issue was – and still is – the potential peril and reward of consumer … Continue reading

Living in the new Golden Age of circuit terms and minimum payment periods

Posted on by David Rohde

It’s getting to be as if every telecom circuit out there comes with its own wireless-style contract. Take a look around you in this newly ramped-up bandwidth environment. You’ll find that it seems suppliers everywhere want to put an individual … Continue reading

Cable companies’ relevance to enterprise doesn’t depend on whether they merge or not

Posted on by David Rohde

That’s going to be one heck of an agenda at the Justice Department on Wednesday when Comcast and Time Warner Cable arrive to discuss their merger. Or I should say, beg for their merger. The Justice Department staff now clearly … Continue reading

Instability, inconvenience accompany foreign ownership of carriers

Posted on by David Rohde

If deep pockets and open wallets were the main result of foreign entities owning American telecommunications carriers, then this feature of such a capital-intensive industry might be entirely constructive and transparent. But it doesn’t seem to work that way. The … Continue reading

T-Mobile’s march to full relevance runs through American TV broadcasters

Posted on by David Rohde

The official U.S. government policy to maintain four national wireless carriers rather than the three that many other countries enjoy has been confirmed by the government’s two firm rejections of attempts to buy out T-Mobile US Inc. It doesn’t really matter … Continue reading

What to buy and who to pick: The tightly linked big questions of IP transformation

Posted on by David Rohde

It’s an axiom of enterprise telecom RFPs that you probably want to award some business to competitive providers to keep the big incumbents on their toes. And in the old days, throwing some intercity private lines or some outbound long … Continue reading