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Minimalism won’t cut it in your next procurement

Posted on by David Rohde

Waves of change are breaking across the entire seascape of enterprise network communications. Catching these waves is the principal strategic challenge of professional enterprise IT and network managers. Folding these into the unquestionable reality of the day-to-day firefighting responsibilities of … Continue reading

Cult of personality is not going to alter the future of spectrum or the industry

Posted on by David Rohde

In the couple of days since I explored the risk to the enterprise market of leaving hordes of spectrum in the hands of those who don’t have the money to build it out, a rather creepy set of events at … Continue reading

Hordes of spectrum: Better together if the buildout won’t happen otherwise?

Posted on by David Rohde

One of the great ironies of the current moment in enterprise telecommunications is that for all of the threats to wireline supplier survival and support from their parent companies, they arguably offer more current competition than the supposedly vibrant wireless … Continue reading

Wholesale telecom makes money again, and why that matters to you

Posted on by David Rohde

By now the industry may have grown allergic to the word “wireline,” but they sure love to throw around the word “enterprise.” Most of the time “enterprise” is used wrong as simply a synonym for “business customers” and it’s impossible, … Continue reading

Verizon’s strike settlement: Accommodation for now, good riddance for later?

Posted on by David Rohde

Man, Verizon sure is hot to trot on this 5G fixed wireless thing to handle business and consumer broadband access nationally as soon as possible. If it seems that 5G fixed access has gone from a far-out concept to a … Continue reading

5G is no pipe(less) dream for Verizon if it means fixed access

Posted on by David Rohde

Tilting Verizon completely over to wireless by the end of the decade naturally seems like a small piece of insanity to any of us in enterprise networking. Certainly consumer connectivity is now dramatically moving beyond fixed-line telecom, with U.S. mobile … Continue reading

Verizon on the strike: Nothing to see here but ‘force majeure’

Posted on by David Rohde

It’s lovely that Verizon said it would be business as usual during the now more than month-long CWA/IBEW strike. Nothing to see here, folks, we’ve got all day-to-day business covered. So it may seem a little odd that business customers … Continue reading

The mess at Frontier and the problem of enterprise focus

Posted on by David Rohde

With all of the attention to the Verizon strike on the East Coast, it’s easy to miss another mess out on the West Coast. On April 1, Frontier took over the legacy GTE ILEC territories in Florida, Texas and California … Continue reading