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AT&T’s tablet deficit may reflect the hardening of positions in the wireless market

Posted on by David Rohde

Here’s a tidbit from third-quarter carrier earnings that kind of startles everyone who sees it: While AT&T sold 434,000 tablets with their plans during the quarter, Verizon sold 1.1 million tablets. What’s that all about? At both carriers, tablet growth exceeded smartphone … Continue reading

What Uncarrier? Verizon charges ahead on high-margin services

Posted on by David Rohde

Somehow there seems to be plenty of room for all the carriers in the U.S. wireless market, despite the industry’s occasional whining that the market is getting saturated. Verizon’s third-quarter earnings released today demonstrate its ability to maintain momentum on … Continue reading

Your U.S. telecom debt champion is … Verizon

Posted on by David Rohde

If I say “telecom debt,” what comes to mind? CLECs? Junk bonds? Venture capital? Chapter 11? 2002? All that and more is associated with the pile-up of borrowed money that telecom seems to require. But the biggest telecom debtor in … Continue reading

Fewer people work for Sprint than for T-Mobile

Posted on by David Rohde

Sprint’s first official layoff announcement following new CEO Marcelo Claure’s clear orders to slim down only gave the required financial disclosure: $160 million in severance costs. Talk about begging the question – the number of actual people laid off went … Continue reading

The bargaining over the sale of Sprint wireline is under way

Posted on by David Rohde

Sprint never did issue a press release announcing their attempt to buy T-Mobile under terms agreeable to both SoftBank and Deutsche Telekom. They didn’t have to – everyone knew the deal was in the works. Announcing the proposed deal would … Continue reading

T-Mobile still a candidate for takeover, but any old buyer won’t do

Posted on by David Rohde

Just because the U.S. government basically forced Sprint to go it alone in the wireless market doesn’t mean that T-Mobile can’t still be sold to somebody else. A successful buyout of T-Mobile US would mean the third time’s the charm. AT&T … Continue reading

The onrushing issue of Ethernet access

Posted on by David Rohde

Let’s play a word association game. If I say “Ethernet access,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? “10 megabits per second”? I can understand that answer. It’s what I would have said up until recently. As of now, … Continue reading

Wireless and wireline come together at AT&T, so be prepared

Posted on by David Rohde

Carrier executives come and go, and sometimes they just play musical chairs. Still, a shift yesterday in AT&T’s top ranks portends more than the usual seat-shifting. Ralph de la Vega, formerly AT&T Mobility’s CEO, is getting a brand new position … Continue reading