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AT&T knocks out its “camel hump” in spending, but where’s my last-mile fiber?

Posted on by David Rohde

AT&T’s total capital expenditures in 2015 are slated to go down from its recent annual rate of about $21 billion to $18 billion. Recently I’ve made a big deal of capex (in plain English, network investments) especially for “second-tier” carriers … Continue reading

Verizon can make plenty of money with lower prices … just ask their CEO

Posted on by David Rohde

There’s an old truism in the telecom industry that carriers say the opposite thing in Washington that they say on Wall Street. In one version of the joke, “In New York they brag that they’re making gobs of money, while … Continue reading

Don’t let AT&T pull the rug out from under you because you didn’t know it was coming

Posted on by David Rohde

Tomorrow is the first day of the second half of this decade. (Alarming, I know.) And I know that you know what the main story is in telecom for the years leading up to 2020: the end of the Public … Continue reading

Moody’s downgrade reflects Sprint’s sinking morass of issues

Posted on by David Rohde

Three years ago I said that “For Sprint, now everything has to go right.” I’m not sure much of anything has gone right for Sprint since then. Yesterday Moody’s lowered Sprint’s credit rating to “B1 with a negative outlook.” Here’s … Continue reading

BT jumps back into wireless by leapfrogging its old wireless business

Posted on by David Rohde

A major global carrier having no play in wireless seems like an oxymoron at the dawn of 2015. And yet BT (known then as “British Telecom”) divested its wireless business in 2002 in an effort to pay down debt. Now … Continue reading

Cable makes its first apparent foray into Ethernet Everywhere

Posted on by David Rohde

Let’s say you compile a rigorous demand set of hundreds or thousands of U.S. network locations with all of their bandwidth requirements. Would you think of sending the spreadsheet to a cable company and expect a complete bid response back? Probably … Continue reading

Day-old wireless, half off: The meaning of Sprint’s gambit

Posted on by David Rohde

Great, so is Sprint going to take half off your company’s AT&T or Verizon bill? Just kidding. But you gotta admit that Sprint’s announcement that you can bring your own personal Verizon or AT&T bill to them and get the … Continue reading

Soaring price for spectrum adds to carrier investment needs

Posted on by David Rohde

Usually the nation’s wireline carriers have reason to look with envy at the wireless market and the overwhelming attention the four national wireless carriers get from customers and the media. But right about now perhaps every wireline carrier ought to … Continue reading