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Threatening not to invest in the network is “so 2009″

Posted on by David Rohde

Score this one for Verizon vs. AT&T. Every carrier that counts was faced with a quick decision on Wednesday. They were all scheduled to have a senior executive speak at a Wells Fargo telecom and media investors’ conference in New … Continue reading

Building counts, route-miles and other stats get their day in the sun

Posted on by David Rohde

My heart melted this morning when the Zayo Group issued its quarterly earnings and wasted no time getting to the nuts and bolts. Or nitty-gritty, or brick and mortar, choose your metaphor. Already in the fourth sentence of the announcement, … Continue reading

Profitable Level 3 fends off so-called analysts, gets to work on integration

Posted on by David Rohde

A historic problem in telecom is getting carrier CEOs to stop pandering to stock market analysts so much that they forget about actual customers’ needs. It looks like Level 3 CEO Jeff Storey now has something of the opposite problem. He spent … Continue reading

No solution down the cost-cutting rabbit hole for Sprint

Posted on by David Rohde

Last Friday I said I was scared for Sprint’s upcoming earnings report given how many tablets Verizon had sold, how many smartphone subscribers T-Mobile had added, and how much more stuff (and ad dollars) AT&T is pouring into its cherished … Continue reading

Redemption for Level 3: Making the granular network and new S&P status pay off

Posted on by David Rohde

Jeff Storey wants to talk to you. In fact, he should thank me for passing along this 4½-minute video for you to watch. Jeff is the CEO of Level 3 and he posted the video over the weekend to be … Continue reading

Sprint and T-Mobile in enterprise wireless: The big picture and the details

Posted on by David Rohde

Sprint’s third quarter earnings report is coming up next Monday, and frankly I’m a little scared for them. Never mind Verizon’s million-plus additions of tablet subscribers or AT&T’s less flashy but steady-state earnings and constant hawking of a $160 family price … Continue reading

AT&T’s tablet deficit may reflect the hardening of positions in the wireless market

Posted on by David Rohde

Here’s a tidbit from third-quarter carrier earnings that kind of startles everyone who sees it: While AT&T sold 434,000 tablets with their plans during the quarter, Verizon sold 1.1 million tablets. What’s that all about? At both carriers, tablet growth exceeded smartphone … Continue reading

What Uncarrier? Verizon charges ahead on high-margin services

Posted on by David Rohde

Somehow there seems to be plenty of room for all the carriers in the U.S. wireless market, despite the industry’s occasional whining that the market is getting saturated. Verizon’s third-quarter earnings released today demonstrate its ability to maintain momentum on … Continue reading