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The Uncarrier vs. Employee Discounts: The PR Fail that reveals much

Posted on by David Rohde

Good news! T-Mobile is ending selective employee discounts on corporate mobile plans to concentrate on giving everyone a fair shake! Wait, strike that. Take 2: Good news! T-Mobile is NOT ending employee discounts on existing corporate mobile contracts, so stop … Continue reading

Masayoshi Son piles up the straw men in his pitch for merger

Posted on by David Rohde

You people in the United States don’t know what you’re doing, and I’m here to help you. That was the essence of a Washington media blitz by Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son on Monday and Tuesday arguing for Sprint’s right to … Continue reading

AT&T keeps its eye trained on Vodafone as global merger activity looms

Posted on by David Rohde

Sprint’s palpable interest in buying T-Mobile, despite John Legere’s mock insults and Deutsche Telekom’s claimed lack of interest in selling, isn’t the only potential 2014 Giant Telecom Merger that won’t go away. The other one is AT&T and Vodafone. Wait, … Continue reading

The Uncarrier’s Unprofits and the path to industry consolidation

Posted on by David Rohde

Didja hear the one where T-Mobile tells wireless subscribers to #SprintLikeHell? T-Mobile CEO John Legere, famous for trashing Verizon and crashing AT&T’s parties, has a few yuks saved up for the No. 3 wireless carrier. Former Sprint customers – which … Continue reading

Free of “stovepipes,” Verizon empire-building could be a blessing or a curse

Posted on by David Rohde

A hundred and one years ago Gertrude Stein said “a rose is a rose is a rose.” Not until last Friday could the nation’s No. 2 carrier finally say, “Verizon is Verizon is Verizon.” It took sending $130 billion across … Continue reading

Big cable merger, seen through prism of Ethernet access, may be compelling

Posted on by David Rohde

Today’s major business headline is that Comcast is buying Time Warner Cable. If I change the headline, fully accurately, to “Nation’s Wealthiest Media Company Buys Fifth-Leading U.S. Ethernet Access Provider,” you’d get a better idea of the impact on enterprise … Continue reading

Connecticut changes hands: The sneaky significance of the AT&T-Frontier deal

Posted on by David Rohde

How many states are significant in a national enterprise deal? The answer is that every state is potentially very significant if it goes through a change as meaningful as this. On Tuesday AT&T announced that it’s giving up its historic … Continue reading

Sprint covets T-Mobile’s momentum and shows what it’s worth to them

Posted on by David Rohde

Well, Sprint has to do something. On Friday the Wall Street Journal reported that Sprint is preparing a possible takeover bid for T-Mobile US, Inc. Or more specifically, the Journal reported that Sprint is looking for a way to tease … Continue reading