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The Comcast sweepstakes and the future of enterprise competition

Posted on by David Rohde

The recent entry of Comcast into what it confidently believes will be core national enterprise competition with AT&T and Verizon occasions three additional thoughts about where the market is going. All of them relate to whether Comcast – a facilities-based … Continue reading

Comcast wants to respond to your entire demand set. Here’s what else they need to do

Posted on by David Rohde

From the beginning of this decade it has seemed that cable companies want to “sort of” serve the enterprise market – at their own convenience rather than yours. Enterprises know this from what are sometimes annoying individual sales pitches to … Continue reading

Service migration and contractual business terms: Always think of them together

Posted on by David Rohde

Last week my colleague Keith Cook updated everyone on AT&T’s Withdrawal of Service Matrix in the AT&T Service Guide. Greater specificity means that AT&T could be contacting you about particular components of services that are going away in as little … Continue reading

SoftBank boss stands alone in the logic of his plan to fix Sprint

Posted on by David Rohde

There’s really no way to paper this over any longer. Sprint is in trouble. It’s not that the carrier doesn’t have considerable assets. It has over 55 million retail customers, reasonably ubiquitous coverage, and a boatload of spectrum. But at … Continue reading

Claure’s crack-up trumps Legere’s spectrum tantrum

Posted on by David Rohde

The U.S. telecom industry went completely bananas this week. By the end of the week, two carrier CEOs were cursing each other out in 4-letter words, one carrier’s Washington shop was calling out another’s “unmitigated gall,” one carrier released an … Continue reading

T-Mobile doesn’t get the extra spectrum goody it wanted, but all other options remain

Posted on by David Rohde

Maybe John Legere should have checked with SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son – who last year was going to install Legere as head of a combined Sprint/T-Mobile if Mr. Son had sold that merger to regulators – before pressing the lobbying … Continue reading

T-Mobile may be shameless, but its moves from here are critical

Posted on by David Rohde

John Legere wants you to know that some serious stuff is about to go down in Washington, D.C. And he wants you to get really peeved about it. Of course he didn’t put it quite that way. For his exact … Continue reading

The telecom industry and the end of zero percent interest rates

Posted on by David Rohde

It’s not clear exactly when it’s going to happen, but the Federal Reserve is prepared to start lifting interest rates from the cellar. The five or more years that U.S. monetary policy-makers kept short-term interest rates at effectively zero offered … Continue reading