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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Spinning out of control: Carriers’ merger, partner efforts hit more roadblocks

Posted on by David Rohde

Whenever carriers devote money, energy and time to something other than building and supporting their own networks, they’re running a risk that they won’t be able to control events. This week alone provides two more examples of this phenomenon. LightSquared, the LTE … Continue reading

Deutsche Telekom: Was AT&T’s offer for T-Mobile USA too good to be true?

Posted on by Ben Fox

The following is a guest post by TC2 managing director Ben Fox, who is based in London. The court fight over the AT&T/T-Mobile merger not only scrambles the US wireless market regardless of its outcome, it also deeply affects a … Continue reading

Where does the AT&T/T-Mobile takeover saga leave the US wireless market?

Posted on by Ben Fox

The following is a guest post by TC2 managing director Ben Fox, who is based in London. If AT&T were just going to negotiate with the Justice Department to salvage its acquisition of T-Mobile USA, it certainly isn’t evident from … Continue reading

From 14.4% to 15.3%: USF surcharge again goes from bad to worse

Posted on by David Rohde

Here we go again. The universal service surcharge is going back above 15% starting on Oct. 1, based on an announcement yesterday from the FCC. The new rate will be 15.3% for the fourth quarter of 2011, compared to 14.4% … Continue reading

Verizon squirrels away cash to prepare for its next move

Posted on by David Rohde

Could Verizon, of all people, take some spectrum or other assets out of T-Mobile in order to help AT&T get its deal done? Could Verizon buy one of the secondary or regional U.S. wireless carriers to bulk up its subscriber … Continue reading

If the AT&T/T-Mobile deal is in court, Sprint wants to be there too

Posted on by David Rohde

Sprint may realize that it needs to take care of business with its upcoming 4G strategic reset announcement. But back on the legal front, Sprint has followed the Justice Department into court with its own lawsuit against the AT&T/T-Mobile merger. … Continue reading

One month to go for a new Sprint strategy

Posted on by David Rohde

It’s not making a lot of headlines, but Sprint is giving itself a month to complete its 4G strategic revamp. Without a formal press release, the company has emailed media, analysts and others setting October 7 as the date for … Continue reading