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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Nextel shutdown illustrates how consumerization is beginning to dominate wireless

Posted on by David Rohde

Earlier this week Sprint announced that it will shut down the Nextel iDen network as early as June 30, 2013. It’s hardly a panic-worthy development – Sprint has been telling major customers for a while that the shut-off would happen … Continue reading

Is the party over for the big independent ILEC?

Posted on by David Rohde

Can a big independent incumbent local exchange carrier give up the good life? I don’t know, but they may have to. One such carrier has already cut its shareholder dividend, and there’s a warning out today about a possible shareholder dividend … Continue reading

Can broadband wireless kill off the T-1? A lot has to happen

Posted on by David Rohde

The dream of substituting high-speed wireless for traditional, fixed-line dedicated access to enterprise wide area networks has surfaced at least twice in the recent past. A 2000-era CLEC called Winstar (not to be confused with today’s Windstream, an acquisitive combination … Continue reading

VoIP and SIP are great! Now make sure it’s legal

Posted on by David Rohde

Recently I’ve drawn a number of analogies between the migration to SIP Trunking and past migrations of enterprise network services. But there’s one way in which this movement is very different than changes from private line to frame relay to … Continue reading

It’s okay to shed a tear for frame relay

Posted on by David Rohde

Frame relay became so popular in the 1990s that it’s easy to forget how radical it was. Variable-length packets, very little overhead, lack of extensive error correction, a bit to mark some of the packets as “discard-eligible” in case of … Continue reading

AT&T’s Property Tax Allotment increase restarts the surcharge merry-go-round

Posted on by David Rohde

Here come more changes in the percentage-based surcharge line-up. AT&T has just increased its “Property Tax Allotment” fee from 3.17% to 4.05% of applicable revenues, effective May 1. More changes in the percentage-based federal surcharges, either from the other carriers … Continue reading

Short contracts, reverse auctions, buying consortiums, and other things that don’t work in telecom

Posted on by David Rohde

One reason that we’ve held a telecom negotiations conference twice a year for 20 years is that there’s a continual flow of very smart people into the telecom field who have to unlearn the right way to buy every other … Continue reading