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Getting organized in 2014: Your path to telecom management success

Posted on by Janis Stephens

The following is a guest post by TC2 Senior Consultant Janis Stephens. A New Year is always a great time to think about goals and what one could do better. While usually thought of in the context of one’s personal … Continue reading

Make sure the carrier not only makes you an offer, but actually means it

Posted on by David Rohde

Choice is good, right? Too much of it, or the wrong kind of choice, really isn’t very good. See if this scenario rings a bell. You’re expecting an offer from a carrier in any sort of procurement, whether in competition … Continue reading

Don’t just blindly buy SIP Trunking from your incumbent

Posted on by Keith Cook

The following is a guest post by TC2 Project Director Keith Cook, who is based in the Atlanta area. In the fall of 2011 David noted the clever ways in which incumbent carriers like Verizon and AT&T would pull you … Continue reading

Make sure your SIP trunking contract expiration date isn’t “never”

Posted on by David Rohde

For all the risk of migrating to a next-generation network, one of the ultimate rewards is the sense of entering a new, more rational world. In various ways, converged IP networks leave behind old concepts like phone numbers tied to fixed … Continue reading

Words are worthless unless the wheels are in motion

Posted on by Larry York

The following is a guest post by TC2 Project Director Larry York, who is based in Minneapolis. When it comes to carrier relationships, there are good account teams and bad account teams. There are account execs who know their stuff … Continue reading

Machine-to-machine: A whole new wireless pricing ballgame

Posted on by David Rohde

If you’d pay $50 a month for 5GB of monthly data, would you pay $8.99 a month for a mere 1MB – one-five-thousandth of the same amount of usage? Of course not. But that’s how the machine-to-machine (M2M) market is … Continue reading

Reverse Auctions – an extra weapon for your negotiation toolkit

Posted on by Ben Fox

The following is a guest post by TC2 managing director Ben Fox. Reverse auctions are not only for buying stationary and raw commodities, but can also be a useful tool when purchasing IT and telecom products. However, it is a … Continue reading

Nextel shutdown illustrates how consumerization is beginning to dominate wireless

Posted on by David Rohde

Earlier this week Sprint announced that it will shut down the Nextel iDen network as early as June 30, 2013. It’s hardly a panic-worthy development – Sprint has been telling major customers for a while that the shut-off would happen … Continue reading