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Getting set for Groundhog Day: The impact of 5G on planning and finances

Posted on by Mark Sheard

The following is a guest post by Mark Sheard, Managing Director of TC2 UK. Now that 4G is becoming widespread, are you ready for 5G? If that seems far-fetched, keep in mind the amount of money that your enterprise spends … Continue reading

More for your Euro: The rise of daily smartphone roaming plans

Posted on by Mark Sheard

The following is a guest post by Mark Sheard, Managing Director of TC2 UK. For some time in European mobile deals, the availability of smartphone daily roaming plans for mobile data services was a novel and often cost-effective differentiator for … Continue reading

Looking past BlackBerry’s implosion and tentative sale to Canadian firm

Posted on by David Rohde

BlackBerry’s quarterly loss of nearly $1 billion and impending layoff of 4,500 employees announced late last week pretty much puts a wrap on the company’s chances of being a strategic vendor of smartphone devices going forward. Enterprises simply do not … Continue reading

No panic among corporate BlackBerry users … yet

Posted on by David Rohde

It’s never a good day for users when a critical vendor announces that it is “exploring strategic alternatives.” That’s corporate gobbledygook for “we’re for sale.” So the question is: How critical is BlackBerry, which put out the for-sale sign using … Continue reading

Data pooling plans gain momentum as data usage accelerates

Posted on by David Rohde

Is wireless data usage threatening to bust your budget? Keeping up with the accelerating changes in how carriers are pricing data usage can help with the accelerating costs. Data pooling plans, which made a tentative appearance last year, are becoming mainstream. … Continue reading

Data sharing plans already add usage … and devices

Posted on by David Rohde

Okay, so it’s a mass market data point rather than something specific to the enterprise. But in case you’re tempted to feel sorry for the carriers who may be forfeiting revenues by instituting data-sharing plans across mobile devices – well, … Continue reading

AT&T’s profit margins work for the company whether they’re up or down

Posted on by David Rohde

There’s an old expression in economics that goes, “All news is economic news, and all economic news is bad news.” But don’t laugh until you fully understand the difference between what “bad news” means to an economist and what it means … Continue reading

Verizon Wireless launches new data sharing plan for enterprise users

Posted on by Ben Fox

The following is a guest post by TC2 managing director Ben Fox. Further to its earlier announcements, Verizon Wireless has now provided the details of its new “Nationwide for Business Data Packages & Plans” which are available starting today. Based … Continue reading