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Tag: Demand Set Modeling

Bandwidth and pricing: When less is more, and more is less

Posted on by Janis Stephens

The following is a guest post by Janis Stephens, a TC2 Senior Consultant based in the Wilmington, Delaware area. Everyone knows that more bandwidth costs more than less bandwidth, right? In the world of actual cost to provide service, that might be … Continue reading

Cable makes its first apparent foray into Ethernet Everywhere

Posted on by David Rohde

Let’s say you compile a rigorous demand set of hundreds or thousands of U.S. network locations with all of their bandwidth requirements. Would you think of sending the spreadsheet to a cable company and expect a complete bid response back? Probably … Continue reading

More for your Euro: The rise of daily smartphone roaming plans

Posted on by Mark Sheard

The following is a guest post by Mark Sheard, Managing Director of TC2 UK. For some time in European mobile deals, the availability of smartphone daily roaming plans for mobile data services was a novel and often cost-effective differentiator for … Continue reading

The onrushing issue of Ethernet access

Posted on by David Rohde

Let’s play a word association game. If I say “Ethernet access,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? “10 megabits per second”? I can understand that answer. It’s what I would have said up until recently. As of now, … Continue reading

SIP Trunking is driving users’ ability to consolidate vendors in Europe

Posted on by Ben Fox

The following is a guest post by TC2 managing director Ben Fox. Enterprises with multiple locations spread across Europe commonly purchase traditional fixed voice transport services (i.e. voice circuits, usage and DID/DDI services) from a range of local PTTs and … Continue reading

Getting organized in 2014: Your path to telecom management success

Posted on by Janis Stephens

The following is a guest post by TC2 Senior Consultant Janis Stephens. A New Year is always a great time to think about goals and what one could do better. While usually thought of in the context of one’s personal … Continue reading

Make sure the carrier not only makes you an offer, but actually means it

Posted on by David Rohde

Choice is good, right? Too much of it, or the wrong kind of choice, really isn’t very good. See if this scenario rings a bell. You’re expecting an offer from a carrier in any sort of procurement, whether in competition … Continue reading

Verizon putting enterprise customers at risk by culling “employee subscribers”

Posted on by David Rohde

There’s always a price to be paid for not preferring corporate-liable lines in your wireless contracts. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong to have IRUs (individual responsibility units) in your deal – not at all. But you have to be aware … Continue reading