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Minimalism won’t cut it in your next procurement

Posted on by David Rohde

Waves of change are breaking across the entire seascape of enterprise network communications. Catching these waves is the principal strategic challenge of professional enterprise IT and network managers. Folding these into the unquestionable reality of the day-to-day firefighting responsibilities of … Continue reading

Memo to carriers: You can’t use network investment as a political football any more

Posted on by David Rohde

In 2011, AT&T found out that it couldn’t use promises to hire people as a wedge to eliminate a competitor through merger. The FCC rejected AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile even though AT&T was promising to hire 5,000 new employees if … Continue reading

The onrushing issue of Ethernet access

Posted on by David Rohde

Let’s play a word association game. If I say “Ethernet access,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? “10 megabits per second”? I can understand that answer. It’s what I would have said up until recently. As of now, … Continue reading

SIP Trunking is driving users’ ability to consolidate vendors in Europe

Posted on by Ben Fox

The following is a guest post by TC2 managing director Ben Fox. Enterprises with multiple locations spread across Europe commonly purchase traditional fixed voice transport services (i.e. voice circuits, usage and DID/DDI services) from a range of local PTTs and … Continue reading

Wireless home phone & Internet combo makes AT&T a consumer CLEC at last

Posted on by David Rohde

Fixed wireless broadband service is expanding in Verizon ILEC territory – courtesy of AT&T. We’re talking about AT&T’s Wireless Home Phone and Internet service, which uses a home router connected to AT&T’s HSPA and LTE networks to enable phone calls … Continue reading

CenturyLink cuts shareholder dividend as necessary transition accelerates

Posted on by David Rohde

Last year I asked, “Is the party over for the big independent ILEC?” These companies’ main business has always been serving “local” customers where the old RBOCs aren’t located (or interested). But it looked like they would have to start competing for … Continue reading

AT&T earnings power: Better than any capital-raising strategy

Posted on by David Rohde

Nobody, least of all a consultant to large businesses like myself, is going to begrudge the opportunity for a major U.S. corporation to make a lot of money. Financial reserves – in banking especially, but in all businesses – are … Continue reading

Frame relay customers “have to go away”

Posted on by David Rohde

Legacy services have long tails. The average enterprise with a branch or retail network long ago moved to MPLS, and some years down the road we may be saying the same for the transition from POTS to IP voice. But … Continue reading