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Is CenturyLink adrift? It’s time for the third big incumbent to step up

Posted on by David Rohde

If Level 3 is the enterprise provider with big momentum whose local sales teams sometimes get ahead of their prospective customers or don’t fully understand the deal environment, then CenturyLink is the legacy industry provider that sometimes seems to be … Continue reading

Bandwidth and pricing: When less is more, and more is less

Posted on by Janis Stephens

The following is a guest post by Janis Stephens, a TC2 Senior Consultant based in the Wilmington, Delaware area. Everyone knows that more bandwidth costs more than less bandwidth, right? In the world of actual cost to provide service, that might be … Continue reading

Back to the Future with Regional Network Strategies

Posted on by Ben Fox

The following is a guest post by TC2 managing director Ben Fox. Before the days of the any-to-any network connectivity that MPLS services provide, large global networks were based on point-to-point technologies such as private lines, frame relay or ATM … Continue reading

Maximizing Competition in Transformational Procurements

Posted on by Ben Fox

The following is a guest post by TC2 managing director Ben Fox. Increasingly, enterprise strategic sourcing projects are focusing on transformation to deliver lower costs and improved services. Such projects can achieve savings and service improvements that dwarf what’s available … Continue reading

MPLS Service Guide changes are still an ever-looming gotcha

Posted on by David Rohde

One of the first things that IT procurement people learn about when they move into the world of telecom deals is the unique and counterintuitive role of Service Guides. A legacy of the days of interstate tariffs, the Service Guide … Continue reading

SIP Trunking is about competing all your voice business, not converging onto an existing data carrier

Posted on by David Rohde

The nation’s biggest carriers – okay, AT&T more than Verizon – have been following a distinct pattern when it comes to SIP Trunking. In the first phase, the carrier heartily endorses the new service in public but can’t believe that … Continue reading

Don’t dismiss Qwest: Buyer CenturyLink has good reason to woo the enterprise

Posted on by David Rohde

Mergers are supposed to foul up carriers. At least that’s how it always seems to work in the telecom business. So is it possible that a carrier could actually be rejuvenated by being acquired? Consider Qwest. It had been fading … Continue reading

Collision of the carrier cliches: How to sort out varying procurement philosophies

Posted on by David Rohde

The following statements about carriers and business users are all true: Users want “one throat to choke.” Users also want diversity and failover. Carriers should provide a broad range of services. Carriers should also provide keen product focus and special … Continue reading