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Conference - London: Driving Innovation & Cost Savings in Network & IT Infrastructure Deals

  • 5/15/2018
  • London

New technologies are driving rapid change across the economy.  To realize the inherent competitive advantages, enterprises are replacing legacy technologies with flexible, scalable successors such as cloud computing, advanced mobility, software-defined infrastructure, and collaboration tools.  When properly implemented, this kind of transformative change creates improved performance and saves money. 

In this London end-user focused conference LB3 and TC2 will provide large enterprise users the opportunity to share experiences, challenges and successes — free of vendor pitches and marketing hype.  We’ll discuss successful strategies for driving the changes needed to shape network and IT infrastructure services to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enable business transformations.  We will review a range of technologies, identify the key risks when negotiating and contracting for them, and share advice for how to protect your company from unexpected surprises.

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