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Negotiate Enterprise Communications Deals Conference

  • 9/17/2014 –9/19/2014
  • Omni San Diego Hotel - San Diego, CA
Strategic sourcing of Information and Communications Technology is in the middle of a huge transition. Let us help you plan and execute in turbulent times.

The PSTN is phasing-out as IP-based services (like SIP trunking for voice) and cloud computing become mainstream for enterprise users. If you want to position your company for the best deal you need to understand the developments affecting the communications market to maximize your leverage and reduce your costs in both the short and long term.
At our semi-annual conference, you will learn the context, facts and tactics you need to secure well-managed, properly drafted deals and money-saving terms. We provide invaluable insights on critical issues such as:
  • Procuring SIP trunking
  • Making the most of wireless procurements now that wireless is the fastest growing part of your telecom spend
  • Network security responsibility and management
  • UC's unique commercial and legal issues
  • E911 compliance in a SIP trunked and mobile world
  • Pros and cons of in-building wireless systems and BYOD
Hone your focus in break-out sessions and spend time learning how new platforms and services are expanding the scope, opportunities and risks that are invariably part of complex deals.

And do all of this in an atmosphere that supports networking with your peers and the industry leading advisors at TC2 and LB3.

Early bird registration ends August 15, but special discounts will be available to clients or when you register three or more people from your company.

If you are unable to attend this conference, please join us at the next one – Spring 2015, in Washington, DC.