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You Don't Want ASLAs - "Almost SLAs" - in your SIP Trunking Deal

  • Webtorials
  • 7/9/2014
  • David Rohde

Major technology changeovers come with one great thing and one lousy thing in addition to the prospective cost savings.

The great thing is the natural ability to competitively bid since you're starting fresh with a new service that neither your incumbent nor anyone else currently has installed with you. The bad thing is the fresh start that all these players think that they're getting with your contract paper, and their tendency to propose new, and worse, terms and conditions than you had before.

We've previously noted that SIP Trunking providers love to propose circuit terms that attach to individual concurrent call paths, even though these rate elements aren't even physical circuits. These Minimum Payment Periods (in AT&T jargon) and other circuit terms can keep you on a treadmill of contract non-expiration as the SIP service continually rolls out. More perniciously, they can also knock out milder circuit terms you may have negotiated on legacy services that retire more quickly or incur less than 100% liability if de-installed before the circuit term expires.

These same providers can pull the same sort of switcheroo in the critical area of SLAs.