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Half-a-dozen (douzaine, docera, dozzina…..) thoughts for your pan-European mobility deal

  • Mark Sheard

1. A pan-European mobility deal using a single supplier in all countries may cost you more in some countries than optimized country by country deals, but there is a trade-off with ease of managing the deal, driving a multi-country procurement efficiently and in a timely fashion, and overall TCO savings.

2. Even with a pan-European deal, a majority of countries will still require local contracts or country specific schedules.  These are variously called: local agreements; in-country contracts (ICCs); or national agreements.  These will need to be underwritten by the supplier’s local operating companies and partners.  This can be time-consuming and there can be “back-sliding” on the deal you thought you had secured! 

3. Across a multi-country deal with the same supplier, you will need to strike the right balance between working with a global or international account manager, and working with local/national account managers in each country.  This will be particularly important on the run-up to a potential renewal, and during any optimization activities.

4. New products are not always lower cost or better for your business.  Products change all the time and vigilance is required at re-sign.  It is also important to note that the same products will not usually read across to all the countries, even, on occasion, where they have the same product name.

5. If it sounds too good to be true, it might well be.  General assurances that this is the best product available should absolutely be validated against your own usage and business requirements.  You might be surprised.

6. Yes, data is important, but for each country there are different challenges for national and roaming data, and also with different device types. Importantly, you mustn’t forget the rest of your usage (voice & SMS), your hardware needs, as well as establishing reasonable contractual flexibility e.g. through the commitment obligations.