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Savings that Telecom Expense Management Providers Miss

  • No Jitter
  • 8/27/2015
  • Theresa Knutson, Janis Stephens & Julie Gardner

TEM services perform basic checks, but it’s not practical for them to pursue the forensic analysis necessary to catch the billing errors outlined here.

If you use a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) provider to audit your telecommunications invoices, you may be in for a surprise. TEM providers claim to catch all supplier billing errors and overcharges. They don’t. In fact, often what they miss is bigger than what they find.

We’ve spent much of the past decade coming in behind the TEMs, finding the overcharges they’ve missed, and turning them into client refunds. We have found something in every post-TEM audit we’ve completed. After creating our master issues list, we were struck by the diverse nature of the errors the three of us have uncovered at one time or another.