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You STILL Can't Outsource Ownership of Your Telecommunications Spend

  • No Jitter
  • 8/20/2015
  • Keith Cook & Theresa Knutson

As the telecom expense management market evolves, enterprises need to weigh which external options best meet their needs while maintaining internal expertise.

If you utilize services from a specialty TEM firm, it is critical that you competitively procure these services on a periodic basis even if you are happy with your incumbent provider.  It is also important to understand the growth of telecom expenses within your environment -- including traditional network, voice and local spend, wireless, managed services, cloud-based services, hosting services, network maintenance and services, and UC-based communications services.

This list is growing and evolving as what companies buy under the banner of "network services" grows and evolves. TEM firms support a critical part of the TEM lifecycle for your company. The TEM process is key to the overall management of your telecom spend internally, and you must utilize best-in-class vendor management practices with respect to your TEM partner.

The list of TEM firms has changed significantly in the past 10 years and more change is inevitable. This a good time to take a fresh look at the ever-changing landscape of TEM services for large enterprises.