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More for your Euro: The rise of daily smartphone roaming plans

  • TC2 Blog
  • 10/17/2014
  • Mark Sheard

For some time in European mobile deals, the availability of smartphone daily roaming plans for mobile data services was a novel and often cost-effective differentiator for Vodafone. Daily plans began by providing an inclusive daily data allowance for a one-off daily fee while roaming in the EU. They may have started out at often only a few Euros a day, but now to analyze them you need to understand many new variables. These include variances among regions of the world, how daily roaming is bundled or not in various overall plans, and whether we’re talking voice or data or both.

These plans were particularly suited to the occasional user, for many were more cost- effective than relatively expensive monthly plans, and provided an excellent way to minimize “bill shock” for the unwary traveler. Vodafone’s competitors lagged behind and didn’t provide comparable alternatives.

Now the market is changing.