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Funding for in-building mobile coverage is as big a part of an RFP as any other

  • TC2 Blog
  • 12/2/2014
  • Mark Sheard

Complaints about mobile coverage are not just a matter of big maps with colors. Coverage problems can happen within local areas, parts of cities, or individual buildings. End-users – your internal customers – are a great early warning system to these issues. Even if you haven’t had any complaints or these were “resolved” (or ignored) in the past, you cannot assume that coverage isn’t going to be a problem going forward.

If coverage in any of your buildings is poor, one way towards improvement is through in-building cellular enhancement with a distributed antenna system provided by your supplier. Who pays for this? Such coverage enhancement (and others) can be built into the deal, but you need to make sure the associated terms and conditions are fair and reasonable.