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Podcast: SD-WAN Changing the Networking Landscape

  • TC2
  • 5/24/2017
  • Mark Sheard & Joe Schmidt

Software Defined Networking (or SD-WAN) has emerged as a viable approach to designing and deploying wide area networks.  But what is SD-WAN?  What are the components that make up an SD-WAN solution?  Is SD-WAN an adjunct to your MPLS network, or is it a replacement?

Listen to this 17 minute podcast as TC2’s UK Managing Director Mark Sheard and Project Director Joe Schmidt discuss how SD-WAN is changing the networking landscape.  You’ll learn who some of the top SD-WAN providers are, why business broadband and dedicated internet (DIA) access are important parts of an SD-WAN solution (and that business broadband is not the same thing as DIA), and what to consider when evaluating if SD-WAN is right for your company.