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Sprintís big deal with LightSquared plays out in the shadow of AT&T/T-Mobile

  • TC2 Blog
  • 8/5/2011
  • David Rohde

Last week Sprint finally announced its deal with 4G LTE national start-up LightSquared, constituting Sprint’s entry into LTE, if not necessarily its exit from WiMax. For context, I think it’s telling what JP Morgan said to investors in a note about the deal:

“While we don’t expect Sprint shares [in other words, Sprint’s stock] to get much credit for this until the FCC has ruled on LightSquared’s new plan, we do believe that Sprint has already started to receive payment from LightSquared for services. Assuming FCC signoff, we expect the first 4G LTE signals from Sprint and LightSquared in 2Q12.”

Translated from Wallstreet-ese, that means there are many moving parts.